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Staying Secure

As we head into the 3rd week of January, we continue our series on actions that we can take during National clean up your computer month.    This week’s topic is security.  These days, computers are nearly always connected to the internet, meaning they are potentially vulnerable and therefore need to be protected against attacks. But what are the things to look out for?


Are you using a free or paid for anti-virus? Many will cheap out on anti-virus thinking free version will give the same amount of coverage than a paid for service, but that not quite true.  

Paid for anti-virus is pro-active. It will watch out for any potential threats and malware as well as giving you the heads up if it decides a link, or an email is a potential threat. Free Anti-Virus will act as and when a threat is present or when you decide to do a scan on your computer.  

Windows Updates

Always allow Windows to update. You would be surprised that many people will constantly postpone updates because they can’t be bothered restarting their computer.  

Many of these updates will include security updates and new security features. So, if your computer pops up saying updates are ready, make sure you restart at the end of the day at least!  

Don’t forget, if all this sounds too confusing, too much trouble, or you simply don’t know what to do, that’s what Full Circle IT Solutions Ltd are here for – give us a call on 01204 897824 and Reece or Luke will be happy to help.