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Full Circle IT Solutions helps companies utilise the power and flexibility of the cloud, introducing new technologies to help run businesses more efficiently.


All of our cloud services feed into a single, online portal that enables us to help you better manage your businesses security needs. Through our portal we can set alerts for your devices, trigger virus scans, remove security threats and manage your firewalls. There is also the option to content filter your devices to better control what your employees can access through the internet.


The main benefit of a cloud based Antivirus is that as threats are found on any device, it will send a patch out to all devices that have the software installed, giving you real time protection whenever you access the internet.

Content Filtering

The content filtering service has been designed to work for you, not against you. With fully customizeable times, you can decide when your employees are allowed access to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked in and many more!

Advanced Security

Advanced Security adds an additional layer of protection against spam and virus threats, ensuring that +99% of all spam is identified and removed before it reaches your mailbox.

Online Backup

We offer a fully monitored, secure cloud backup service which can run on a single PC, Server, or on multiple user PCs. The backup is configured to run on a schedule and can be configured to run hourly, daily or on a specific date of the month

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