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National Clean up Your Computer Month

January, the month we start our new year resolutions. Perhaps that’s getting fit, cutting out the sugar or as Marie Kondo likes to tell us – remove anything from our life that ‘doesn’t spark joy’. But why should we limit our resolutions to ourselves, what about our computers? The devices we use daily, throughout the year… Don’t they deserve some love too?

January marks National clean up your computer month… Don’t worry, we are all thinking the same thing… they are making things up at this point, but it gives us an excuse to review our devices and ensure not only are they clean, but secure.  

Throughout the next month, we will be posting some mini style blogs with recommendations how we can keep our computers and laptops going with the latest tips and tricks. And remember, we are always at the other end of the phone if you want us to give your PC a Valet!  If you would like to book in for a health check and start of year tidy up of your system, give us a call on 01204 897824.