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Configuring Microsoft 365 Email - Mobile

Note: This guide is for iOS and Android only.

Server Information:

Server: outlook.office365.com

Domain: @Yourdomain.com (Dependent on your business)

Username: Your Email Address.

Email Type: Office 365

Description: This is your choice.


1) Settings > Accounts & Passwords.

2) Add Account > Select Exchange.

3) Enter your Username and Description (see above if you are unsure what this is) > Select Sign In.

4) Enter your Password and Sign In > Accept permissions.

5) Select required services and Save.

Please ensure you have full 5G/ Wi-Fi signal for iPhone to connect successfully.


1) Open the Gmail application or default Android Application.

2) Select Settings from the upper left left corner > Settings > Add Account.

3) Select Exchange and Office 365.

4) Enter your Username > Next.

5) Enter Password > Next.

6) Accept permissions if requested.