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How easy is working from home?

How easy is it to work from home?

I love to work from home. Grabbing my dressing gown if it’s chilly. Sitting outside in the garden with my laptop when it’s sunny. I can have absolute silence if I need it or blast out my music if I need a boost. I don’t need to fight the crazy traffic of everybody else hoping they make it over the office threshold on time.

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How easy it working from home?

So, this morning I was designing a Full Circle branded mug to give out a local business expo in a few weeks’ time. Sat on my sofa, I realised I needed some files from my desktop computer in the office. I also needed to send an email from my Full Circle email address.

Just three clicks and I had my desktop computer on my laptop. I emailed myself the files and sent the email without even moving the cat from my lap.

I also managed to have a quick chat with the lads in the office via our internal messaging system. They wanted to see the work I had done and help in the creative process. Usually I would do a bit then show them, then do a bit more and show them again. We found a better, quicker way. Toby set up a remote session to my laptop so he could watch me as I worked and give his creative direction without slowing down the process.

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How does it work?

Reece would need access to your remote machine and office machine to set this up. You will then have an icon in your desktop tool bar that you click to open. You click a button asking it to connect and then a third and final click to say you are sure you want to connect. You can then see your computer as though you were sat in the office right at it. All you need is a connection to the internet and to ensure is that your office machine is on, either locked or on standby.

He can even do it remotely, so if you realise you need this when you are already sat at home working, just give him a call.

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Benefits of working remotely.

Employees who work from home are less likely to ask for a pay rise to cover their travel expenses. They take less sick days because if they are mildly sick they can still get work done at home. If they must leave the comfort of their home, they will be more inclined to take off the entire day. The talent pool increases when travel distances are eliminated and office costs will go down, less bodies less space needed.

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If you want the easy option of working from home but still having access to your office computer give us a quick call on 01204 897824.