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Windows 10 is 3

Windows 10 is 3

Windows 10 first came out on 29th July 2015 as a follow on from Windows 8 which was a tablet-orientated interface, 10 takes us back to desktop-oriented.

Microsoft said they will not release any more operating systems but keep working to update Windows 10 continuously, rather than keep releasing brand new operating systems each time they have something they want to integrate.

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How will it work?

Most critics wondered how well this would work, but three years on and the new Windows 10 formula is praised. Windows 10 promised regular updates with new features on an ongoing basis, at no extra cost to the users, which seems to be working really well.

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What does the future have in store for Windows?

Now we are getting close to the three-year mark, people are starting to question, speculate and even April fool about a new Windows 11. Some even suggest we will skip straight to Windows 12!

Microsoft have neither confirmed nor denied the rumours, so for the moment we are still in the dark.

If we do see a new Windows interface, what features would you want developing into it?