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What if the Incredible Hulk had cloud backup?

What if the Incredible Hulk had cloud backup?

At Full Circle, we're all massive Marvel geeks. The subject of superheros creeps into our conversations at least once a day. Toby & I are yet to convince Mark that it’s a good idea to have our team photos with us dressed as Black Widdow & Iron Fist - I'm working on it though, although I'm sure there's a photo of Adele on our server somewhere dressed in a cape.

My other half had never seen any of the Marvel films so I set him off with my favourite. Deadpool. - he loved it. So it was time to introduce him to the Avengers. Captain America, Iron Man, then Thor and last night - The Incredible Hulk.

Now, there's a key scene in the film where Bruce Banner loses some critical data in the midst of a fight. He NEEDS this data to find a cure, and without it, he's destined to transform into the Hulky beast at any given moment.

My fella turned to me and said -

“He could have done with some of your Full Circle Cloud Backup…!”

And I completely agree with him. IF this data was in the cloud, he'd have peace of mind that it was there, whenever and wherever he needed it. Plus, it would be much harder for the bad guys to steal.

Luckily though for Bruce, his lovely lady friend does have a backup USB stick. With all his data on - phew. But oh wait, no. This is a Marvel film and life for those poor buggers is never easy. He ends up swallowing the USB stick to keep it safe as he's being hunted down.

With cloud backup, he could've focused on evading capture and not had that awkward moment where he has to 'cough it up' again, later in the film.

We could have stored his data in the cloud...

If Bruce used Full Circle, we could have kept his data stored in the cloud, rather than on his PC. Meaning when his backpack was left behind in the scuffle, he needn’t have worried. We could have quickly nipped into the secure cloud to retrieve & restore his data. Then he could have destroyed the USB stick himself to prevent it getting into the wrong hands. And that is how Super Full Circle could have saved the day. I wonder if Marvel would be interested in a remake?