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What does Windows 7 support ending mean for you?

Windows 7 support comes to an end

Do you know which version of windows you are using? If you’re still on Windows 7, then it is worth thinking about an upgrade. Microsoft will be ending their free support on 14th January 2020. From that day on Windows 7 will become unsafe to use.

Although windows 7 won’t just vanish into thin air, the lack of new features and security updates will mean then become outdated very quickly and a lot easier to hack.

With less than a year until the end of Windows7 support, there are still millions of people using the software, we are recommending that our customers upgrade to Windows 10.

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Why do you need security updates?

Microsoft will regularly patch newly discovered weak point and holes in its software that will be potential entry points for hackers. They add new malware classifications and new ways to defend against them along with also strengthening Office security. It is absolutely necessary to update Windows so you are always the most protected you can be.

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