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The World Wide Web turns 30!

Happy 30th Birthday to the World Wide Web!

The world wide web turns 30 today, we are celebrating by talking about some of the amazing things we all love about the internet.

Oops, I have been corrected already – the internet is not the same thing. The world wide web is a collection of information that is accessed by the internet. It can be explained this way: the internet is a big-book shop and the world wide web is the books within that shop. Okay I get it now, back to the blog.

I decided to ask the lads in the office what their favourite things are about the world wide web.
Here is how the conversation went with Toby:

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I wasn’t joking, because I didn’t want the blog to be war and peace but Toby couldn’t pick just one thing.

He loves the instant messaging aspect, probably not so much when I am mithering him for blog content, but I can’t help but agree. To be able to speak to somebody all the way across the world (or on the desk next to you), instantly is insanely useful. Teams can collaborate on projects without logistics being an issue, or you can use them to decide what you’re having for your tea with your other half. Either works.

Toby also loves the convenience of the web, the freedom of information and the inter-connectivity.

On a more business level, he couldn’t be without his cloud backup & his automation.

I asked Luke the same question:

"I'd say websites like YouTube and Twitch, its where I've learnt most of what I know, it’s where I can go to have a laugh, see new things, like new music, new hobbies I could get into stuff like that. It’s my escape place."

I definitely have to agree with that. Although you must be careful about what information is actually true on the web, the things you can learn are amazing. We even use YouTube the opposite way – to teach our clients simple things like How to put an out of office on your emails and how to post a gif on twitter!

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I would ask Reece about this but it’s currently a minute past midnight for him as he is all the way over in Japan. (I used the web to find out the time difference)

If I had to guess what he liked best about the web it would have to be either – using it to book holidays to Japan or using it to stream his beloved Man United matches, whilst he is over there!

We can keep in contact with him whilst he is over there and see what he has been up to again, via the web! He's been to some cute deer farm this week.

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What do you love most about the world wide web?

Drop it in the comments below or tweet to us @FullCircle_IT