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The new Microsoft Edge

The New Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge – It’s often the browser of choice to install what is a lot of people’s actual favourite browser, Google Chrome, and because of this many of us don’t give the browser much of a chance to impress. It appears that Microsoft have recognised this and have launched the ‘new’ Microsoft Edge, but has anything changed?Well… I have now been using the browser for a few days and I prefer it.

Edge for Laptop, Mobile and Desktop.With its sleek new look, it resembles Chrome and Firefox, and aims to be your new ‘go to’ browser. Built on Chromium by Google, it allows the browser to work much more like Chrome. You can also block it from tracking sites you are visiting and makes way for a more secure browsing experience.Edge enables you to sign in with your Microsoft account which allows browsing activity to sync across all your devices. If you have an Office Online spreadsheet open but need to head off, you can continue with your mobile or tablet. As you can install Edge on Android, iOS and Mac OS, it makes it business and user friendly.I personally like its new sleek design and new user interface, but as I use Microsoft devices day to day, it is really useful to have everything synced up. Oh, and an added bonus, if you are worried about losing your Chrome data, you can actually sync all your bookmarks and saved data from Chrome.Download here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/edge