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Myth Busting: We’re too small for IT Support .

We're too small for IT support.

First off, stop thinking small, if you think small you are small. Think big.

Secondly, we make it our mission to ensure everybody can be included in our packages! Think about it this way: a one-man band joinery contractor, let’s call him Bruce, is out and about all day. He is grafting along with managing all his back office. Bruce needs his emails on the go. He needs to know if they go down his business doesn’t come to a standstill. His website! Who will be thinking about his website? What if the hosting fails and what even is hosting?!

Bruce has little spare time; he must juggle the job of lots of people, not just his own. Surely Bruce won’t want to spend his precious spare time finding problems and fixing them, when really, he hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing. His expertise is in wood and architraving not computers and tech. The problem is though, Bruce thinks that he is too small for IT support.

Just imagine if Bruce rang us and we laughed down the phone and said, “Bruce, you work alone, you are not worthy of our services, be gone with your one PC and imaginary colleagues.”

You can’t imagine it can you, because we are super lovely, and you know, that not only do we have support contracts for every budget, but we also charge by the quarter hour on remote work. Bruce will only pay for the time he uses. So next time Bruce’s printer wont connect to his computer, he can ring Reece, our wonderful support technician, who will remote on to his computer and re-connect it in minutes. We’re here for you Bruce, we don’t care how small you are.

If you have any IT myths, let us know in the comments below, we will look into them!