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Myth Busting: Small businesses won’t be attacked with ransomware.

Small businesses won’t be attacked with ransomware

This is so far from the truth, Toby reckons that small businesses make up 90% of targets.

Firstly, because people think this, they are move vulnerable, which is why they are targeted primarily. The attackers imagine that you don’t have procedures in place, because you think you are un-touchable. And you certainly won’t have an IT company in the background supporting and advising in this situation… they’re right aren’t they? So, you are a ransomware attacker’s dream.

You’re a small business and don’t have much data so you don’t need back up either, opps, wrong again! If you lost all your information in a ransomware attack and have no backup it would be much much harder to bounce back, which is why you’d be more likely to want to pay the attackers! And once you pay those pesky invaders you fall quite comfortably on their ‘MUG’ list, you are then more likely to be attacked again in the future, as they know you are unprepared to protect your valuable data and information!