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Myth Busting: If I call support I will just be told to restart my computer.

If I call support will I be told to restart my computer?

Yes, you might be asked to restart, but let me tell you why.

When you restart your computer it wipes clean any code that is acting up. It cleans away any problems that have developed and takes it back to it’s original state. It stops programs running that might be causing an issue. The restart puts your computer in a quick time out, so it can think about all the naughty things it’s doing, giving you a chance to start again. It is much quicker than looking through the computer’s entire hard drive to pin point the exact reason the problems began. Chances are, when the slate is wiped clean, the problem will not reoccur. If it does, it is much easier to identity where the problem originated and fix it when the computer is fresh from a restart.

Turning the computer off and on again might not fix the problems. It lifts the fog and gives the support team a clear view of what could be causing the trouble.