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Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office: Online.

Google Docs are fairly well known as an online way to create and edit documents however, you might not be aware of Microsoft’s answer to this. Microsoft Office Online which essentially offers all your Office applications but in your web browser.If you use Office 365 or Microsoft 365, you will have access to this but, for basic editing and creating documents, Microsoft Office Online is actually free to use! Office Online makes it easier to access your OneDrive documents on the go without needing to install the software first. Turned up to a meeting before realising you didn’t install office? No problem as you can use PowerPoint online to showcase your latest news!

The above images show the same PowerPoint being edited on both Edge for Windows and also on Chrome for Android.Office Online makes It easier than ever to share your documents by saving them within SharePoint, just like in Microsoft 365’s desktop applications, multiple users can edit the same online document simultaneously. If you decide you would rather switch to the installed version of Office, you can easily switch without the need to leave your document.If you would like to know more about Office Online, or how it compares to the desktop applications, feel free to get in touch.