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Microsoft 365: Teams

Microsoft 365: TeamsFollowing on from our last blog - Microsoft 365: Lets introduce Microsoft’s Future of working, we will look at Microsoft Teams. Many of you may have seen Teams when installing Office but never have taken much notice of it.Microsoft Teams is a messaging, chat and document editing solution in one. It allows us to take phone calls, make video calls and perform group meetings as well as create group chats and one and one chats.Client MeetingsMicrosoft Teams is a great way to perform meetings with clients, whether this is over a voice call or video call. Teams allows you to invite external users to your meeting where you can chat and share information with each other such as that presentation you have been hard at work on.Editing DocumentsNot sure about that document you have just written? Why not get the opinions of your colleagues? You can share your documents within teams, your colleagues can then open and edit this document along side you while you chat away about it in the chat window. All documents are saved within Microsoft SharePoint.Phone CallsTeams like a phone system* with auto attendants, hold music, call transfers! If you find you cannot take a phone call, you can create a group within Teams so that the call automatically gets transferred to certain members of your team.Just like with a phone system, before transferring, you can speak with that member of the team before hand to make sure they are available. You can access records of all phone calls that have been received and made.Restrictions Your business may hold a lot of data, confidential data. You may not want this to be talked about over chat, you can restrict certain topics from being discussed. Teams will recognise that this forbidden subject Is being discussed and warn/block the user from speaking about it.Working alongside your businessTeams integrates with outlook, so you can create, edit and reply to calendar invites from within the application. It has also been made to work along side your businesses ticketing system, so you can discuss tickets from within the chat feature.Microsoft Teams has been designed to be your all in one application. A centre for your way of work. In our next blog we will be looking at SharePoint.Does this sound like something you and your business could take advantage of and you cannot wait for the next blog? Why not get in touch with us for more information, visit our ‘Contact Us’ page above.* Dependent on license