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Microsoft 365: Lets introduce Microsoft’s Future of working

Microsoft 365: Lets introduce Microsoft’s Future of working

Many of us have heard about Microsoft Office and Office 365, but what about Microsoft 365? We ran a poll on Twitter recently and we discovered the majority have not heard about this new product from Microsoft.

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From a security perspective, you can reset users’ passwords and disable access.


A laptop is stolen you say? Well you can also reset a laptop from the portal, wiping the data, or disable that user from signing in, protecting all of your confidential data. You can also add any user with a Microsoft 365 Business license to groups and create them email signatures with Exclaimer/ Azure.


Along with all Office 365 software and features, it comes with 1TB of OneDrive storage, Data and Cyberthreat protection as well as anywhere access to document and files. Each user will be able to log in to their laptop/ PC with their own unique email and password which also works to access their emails, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive.


Microsoft Teams is a messaging, chat and document editing solution all in one. It allows users to discuss and edit documents together as well allowing you to take phone calls, video calls and online meetings. SharePoint, for document storage, works through OneDrive and coincides with Teams to allow users to access shared documents and edit simultaneously. Our Next blog will take a more in depth look in to Microsoft Teams.


Does this sound like something you and your business could take advantage of and you cannot wait for the next blog? Why not get in touch with us for more information, visit our ‘Contact Us’ page above.