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Is free Antivirus good enough?

Is free antivirus good enough?

We often get asked the question: "is free antivirus good enough?"

Why would you ever pay for something when you can get a version for free?

The usual answer will be because the paid version is better.

It’s that simple with anti-virus.

What happens without antivirus?

So much of our businesses and lives are stored digitally, if you don’t protect this with a reliable anti-virus you could pay heavily for it in the future.

Some viruses are created to harm your computer by damaging or deleting programs and files. They may reformat the hard drive. Even the tame ones can sap your memory and cause frequent crashes.

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Main issues with free antivirus

The main issues with free antivirus is that they have inadequate & limited malware protection, often with little or no extra features. Which means they won’t have real-time malware monitoring in place.

With the Avast, we can see a real-time dashboard which updates continuously – if anything gets onto your machine, Avast will pick it up immediately and let us know so we can act straight away!


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So why should you opt for paid antivirus?

Because it will keep you and your business better protected.