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How to change windows 10 start menu to classic.

How do I change windows 10 start menu to classic?

Window’s 10 is three years old next week so, I thought I would take the opportunity to look the Start menu, which has been a bug bear for so many of our clients.I am going to show you how to change windows 10 start menu to claassic and back again!

Full screen live tile start screen V Smaller windows 7 type start screen

When Windows 8/8.1 was first released, users had real issues with the new Start Screen.

People didn’t like it, weren’t sure how to use it, and none of us like change, do we?!

With Windows 10, Microsoft listened to their users and the start menu is a combination of features from Windows 7 and Windows 8 – but it is no longer the size of your monitor, it went back to standard size.

However, if you liked the bigger version of the Start Menu don’t worry because you can now choose what type you have, it can be the Full Screen Start Screen or the Smaller, Windows 7 Type.

This is how to change windows 10 start menu to classic:

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