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How much data is that?

How much data is that?

You can choose between 64GB or 256GB with the new iPhone.
Full Circle give you 125GB of mailbox with our Hosted Exchange Emails.
My laptop has a 1TB harddrive.

How many GB are in a TB? And how many MB is that? Is that more than KB? How much data is that?

It can get pretty confusing, so we put this together to try to make computer capacity terms a little more tangible.

How much data is that? 	1 byte: One character 	1 Kilobyte: Joke; (very) short story 	1 Megabyte: Average photograph  1 Gigabyte: 7 minutes of HD-TV video 	1 Terabyte: 20 high definition Blu-Ray Films

125 GB of Mailbox

Average good quality image is 2MB. In a GB you have 1024MB which means 125GB is around 64000 good quality photographs.

36,571 average MP3 songs.

The Harry Potter audio books 96 times

A typical 80-word plain text email message is around 10 KB, which means 12800 emails.

If you are still struggling drop me and email and I can help you figure out what you are dealing with.