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How is your IT holding you back?

How is your IT holding you back?

Every office has one – that one member of staff who we all must pick up the slack for. Think about how it makes you feel when they haven’t performed as they should but YOU are the one who stays behind to fix their mistakes.They lose some documents, somehow, and you spend half your day trying to track them down.Some of their jobs don’t get done because they are unresponsive and just don’t like doing them, and every time you try to get them to help they simply shut down and don’t join in.In every company there will be staff pushing you forward, wanting your company to get to the next stage, to level up, to win that new contract that’s worth double last years profits. Some staff are slick, helpful and willing to go above and beyond. But some staff are lazy, sluggish and will stand in your way.

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But what can you do?

I know what you’re thinking? If any member of staff was so unhelpful, and reluctant to work you would sack them right? Or at least send them on some sort of training course?


So why do we put up with our computers behaving that way?

Your IT can push you forward and help you to reach your goals or it can slow you down and stand in your way.

What does your IT do or not do for you?