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How Full Circle saved Christmas

How Full Circle Saved Christmas

It was early December and Father Christmas was pacing around the workshop, muttering under his breath. The elves were getting worried, he had been doing this for a few hours now, so one little elf stepped up. “Hey Santa! What are you doing?” he asked.

“I am trying to memorise the Naughty and Nice list! There are an extra 76,778,150 people in the world! It’s too many, I know I am magic but this is ridiculous, I will never memorise my list by Christmas Eve!” replied Father Christmas, looking very concerned.

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One of the elves had a fantastic idea. “Remember last year, when Mark and Adele from Full Circle helped us out with our Hosted Email Exchange Solution? The children could email us, eliminating the need for piles of paper and letters! Well, why don’t we ask them to help out again and save Christmas with more technology?”

One quick phone call to Full Circle IT Solutions and Toby the elf was on the case! Toby is a developer at Full Circle and he sat with Father Christmas and listened to his troubles, once he fully understood the North Pole’s issues, he began to create a CRM system to make the Yule tide much simpler for everybody involved.

Father Christmas was delighted with the results! Each child’s record had all the information he needed, their address, their likes and dislikes, if the chimney was in good working order, the toys they already had – and most importantly if they were on the Naughty or Nice list this Christmas.

The elves could invoice the parents automatically, print out delivery notes and use the CRM to get a better understand of each child, and what Christmas gifts would suit them best.

The best part is, as the North Pole grows and their needs change, Toby can ensure the CRM changes along with them.

By automating their process, everybody’s job was easier, the elves could concentrate on making and wrapping all the presents. And Father Christmas went back to doing what he does best, eating mince pies and ho ho hoing.