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How do I block somebody on...

How do I block somebody on

We’ve already looked at how to block somebody on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & WhatsApp on a previous blog, but are you still having trouble from them on other platforms?

In this blog I will be covering:

Outlook for desktop
Facebook Messenger

Not all blocking has the same outcome so I am going to talk you through how to block somebody and how your agitator might be able to still access your pages/content.

1. Snapchat

When you open SnapChat, swipe to the right until you have a list of friends/conversations.

Along the top you have the magnifying glass, indicating you can search.

Search for the person you want to get rid of and click on them.

It will look like you have joined a conversation with them, in the top left corner you have 3 lines.

One of the options from there is block.

Then click yes you are sure.


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2. Outlook for Desktop

Select an email from the person you want to stop emailing.

In the ‘Home’ bar select the Junk option. The first from this drop down is ‘Block Sender’.

They will be unable to send you anymore emails.

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3. Messenger

Find the the person you want to stop sending you messages.

In the top right corner you will see an ‘i’ in a circle. Click that and scroll until you see block (close to the bottom)

Click block and you are given the option for blocking on messenger and Facebook separately.

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4. LinkedIn

Find the person you want to get rid of and go to their profile.

Click ‘More’ and then Report/Block.

Then you must click the option to block twice more and they are gone!


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Hopefully this should work and stop those pesky trolls from seeing what you post & contacting you.Of course – if somebody is really desperate to see your posts they could have their friends do it through their profiles…. But that’s when it gets a bit sinister and I would maybe consider contacting the police if your trolling does not end.If you need help with anything in my blogs, as always, please email me