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How cloud backup can help avoid total disaster?

What do you like to drink at your desk?

Toby is a tea no sugar, certainly not earl grey though.
I’m an English Breakfast tea girl, either that or Aldi peach water, it’s bloody lovely.
Reece is a weird character, he only has 1 brew in every 3 that Toby and I have… odd sod.

Now imagine that beautiful drink sat on your desk, it could be a dark, sweet, hot coffee, maybe a fruit smoothie because you’re on a detox, it might even be a cold beer, condensation trickling down the side of the glass.

You knock the glass.

The liquid cascades across your laptop, surging between the keys. A steady stream of fluid seeps through the inner workings. Before you can reach for anything absorbent the entire hardware is wet and probably sticky. Your laptop is flooded and the screen goes black.

Did you save the document you were working on?

No? And you had almost finished it too? Dammit!

What about all your other documents, all those blogs you have written & your marketing data! That took months and months to collate and cleanse.


What does this mean for your business?

Cats aside you have just lost so much data. It is all critical for different aspects of your business and it’s all gone. This could bring you to a complete stand still. In some cases, a destroyed computer has meant closure of a business.

Accidents happen every day, how can you stop a spilt drink closing your entire business?

You need to have peace of mind that if something happens to your computer, a flood, a power surge, theft, that you can pick up where you left off.


You need cloud backup and disaster recovery.

We offer a fully monitored, secure cloud backup service which can run on a single PC, Server, or on multiple user PCs. The backup is configured to run on a schedule and can be configured to run hourly, daily or on a specific date of the month.

If something untoward does happen we can start your disaster recovery instantly, the time this takes will depend on how much you store in the cloud. We usually have the average business back up and running to full capacity within 24 hours.

You can have cloud backup for just £10 a month or £100 a year.

It’s a sobering thought, and on that note… What are you drinking?