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Have you fallen out of love with your computer?

Have you fallen out of love with your computer?

Your PC has seen better days, she’s not as shiny and new as she once was. You know everything there is to know about her, nothing new and exciting to learn, no new surprises about how well she performs. Her hard drive has diminished. Her memory is going and she has started to slow down.

Get that honeymoon feeling again...

What if we can give you a fancy new toy that will improve the relationship between human and computer?

An SSD upgrade will add big performance gains. They have access speeds that are almost 100x faster than a Hard drive. An SSD will ensure better performance and reliability. You will fall back in love with your good ole faithful machine.

They have other benefits too!

Along with improving speed your new SSD will bring other advantages too, the SSD uses less power than your standard hard drive which means a lower energy bill over time & and increased battery life in laptops.

Where can you get this incredible Valentines gift for your PC?

You can call Full Circle & arranged to have one installed for just £125 which includes migration. 01204 897824