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Are you prepared for Count Hackula?

Are you prepared for Count Hackula?

Allow me to introduce Count Hackula. You probably know his nasty Transylvanian relative, but this creature is different. Rather than take the blood from your neck, he would much rather take it from your business.

Count Hackula, like his bloodsucking counterpart, can shape shift at will. He can pass through tiny cracks or crevices in your computer's system and through those tiny security vulnerabilities you might have. He has the ability to grow into something largely destructive or become small at will to hide himself out of your sight.

Count Hackula is immune to conventional means of attack, simply deleting the virus or restarting your computer will not be sufficient in stopping him. You need very specific tools to take him down and end his reign of terror.

Count Hackula has amassed cunning and wisdom throughout the years. He is unable to die by the mere passing of time alone – you cannot just leave your computer for a while and hope he will go away.

Both Counts can command animals, Hackula’s creatures of choice are worms & trojan horses.

Once he sinks his teeth into the neck of your computer he then can use your network as a ‘botnet’. This will create an army of bots that he can control to spread the virus further and in turn create more bots.

But the most important thing that you need to remember about Count Hackula, is that you must invite him over the threshold. If you don’t he will find it very difficult to get in but far too many people practically summon him in with user error.

But why would you invite Hackula into your business, you ask?

Well, just like Count Dracula, he has powerful hypnotic powers and can trick even the savviest internet user into clicking on his dodgy links. He will also use social media to trick you into giving away your passwords along with other sneaky ways to create a 'user error' entrance.

You will need the right tools to defeat Count Hackula. Unfortunately a stabbing your hard-drive with a stake, and rubbing your keyboard with holy water and garlic won’t help you.

I am talking about Anti-Virus, link checkers & common sense.

If you want to know more about how you are inviting hackers over the threshold of your business or you want the tools to protect yourself, email Sophie.parden@milesb50.sg-host.com for info on our awareness workshops.