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5 cool features of Office 365 you might not know about

5 Cool Features in Office 365 you might not know about!

If you read our last couple of blogs you will know what office 365 actually is along with how it promotes remote working. Now I want to show you 5 super cool features that you might not have been aware of.

1. Teach your inbox to declutter itself

Microsoft is rolling out a software called Clutter. With Office 365 you add rules to your inbox and clutter will use these along with some gentle training (marking messages as clutter) to learn what you wont want to see. It moves less important messages into the “Clutter” folder for you to do what you wish with.

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2. Add an electronic signature to email

If you are still printing documents that need a signature then re scanning or even faxing them, this new feature from DocuSign will walk you through electronically signing and sending your document – and can prompt others for signatures when needed.

3. Turn your mouse icon into a laser pointer

When using PowerPoint to give a presentation and you forget your laser pointer, you can turn your PCs mouse into a pretend one. You simply tell PowerPoint to change the mouse icon into a little red dot instead!

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4. Multiple people can edit a document at the same time

When using Excel, PowerPoint or Word, you can have several users editing at the same time. You can also see who is editing what parts. You can also chat with everybody who is working on the document via Skype but within the office document. Once you leave the document your conversation can continue via Skype on desktop or on your phone.

5. Edit a PDF

This is probably my favourite one! With Office 365 you can now convert a PDF into a word document to edit. This stops the formatting problems you have when copying and pasting from the PDF. You can then save sections of the word file as a PDF rather than the whole thing – and password protect it too!

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What features do you like best about Office 365? Comment below to let us know.